Thought Space: Importance of Customer Service | Action Shelving News

It’s easy to say that the customer comes first,

but not if you keep them waiting

Last time I did a search there was 1,890,000,000 results for the term “Customer Experience” that’s a lot of opinions on the matter. How our customers interact with your company can often be the only deciding factor on whether they do business with you or your competitor. Even if you have the superior product, if you took too long to provide it (or worse couldn’t provide it!) then your potential customer becomes a lost opportunity. There are, of course, solutions to these problems.

Everyone is aware of the issues on the high street, but there are stores that are continually earning success. The ones that are providing an unbeatable customer experience. Shoe Stores are a perfect example of providing customer experience. The interaction between the staff and customer to find the right item for them, moving back and forth with different sizes and styles shows the devotion they make to the customer. The special events for the launches of Yeezy and other high demand products are also a great tool in generating excitement in visiting their stores.

Though customer experience is not just tied to retail stores, for it is also the most vital aspect of the hospitality industry. From providing guests with pleasant stays at hotels to delivering an unforgettable experience at the theatre, customer experience plays a vital part for these businesses. Every quiet moment is used to restock and resupply items to minimize the time guests must wait to receive the experience they are after. No one wants to wait too long for their popcorn.

The success of the perfect customer experience is based on how well your team can perform their roles and as a manager, you’ll be aiming to remove all the obstacles that might cause issues. One obstacle that Action Shelving can help with is having a storage system that works for you.

Why does that make a difference? Well with a better, more effective storage system, you can keep more items on-site to prevent any customers from leaving disappointed. Additionally, having it designed for individual locations means that items can be easily located, stock can be easily counted and your team can easily access what they need creating a seamless flow and minimising the waiting time for your customers.

Our Supershelf Shelving System is perfectly designed to suit the different needs of stock rooms in shops, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and many more due to its ability to be adjusted to suit the needs of your business.

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