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Specifically designed for storing clothing and other items in high quantities, our Supershelf Garment Hanging system improves the efficiency of stockroom, cloakroom and warehouse storage. The galvanized steel system combines the benefits of easily identifying items whilst minimising wrinkles and deformation of the items making it a perfect solution for your storage needs.

Action Storage Shelving

A range of dimensions and bay types for any application.

Action Storage Shelving

Garment rails and modules adjustable in 33mm increments*.

Action Storage Shelving

Modular bays can incorporate standard shelves and bin containers to provide a comprehensive clothes storage system.

About Supershelf Garment Hanging

To provide the right solution for your space, our garment hanging bays are available in a variety of different dimensions and three basic hanging formats:

– Single sided – hanging rails on one side only for use against walls.

– Double sided – hanging rails on both sides for access from two aisles, which is the most popular and economical garment storage solution.

– Central hanging – Unlike the previous two options, hanging rails are centrally located so that garments are entirely contained within the bay and do not extrude into the aisle.

– This is ideal in smaller stockrooms or for use with mobile shelving systems.

Available online are our most popular two or three tiered configurations, but, depending on the size of your items, it is possible to add further hanging levels – please get in touch for more information and additional beams.

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The versatile Supershelf steel adjustable shelving system, short video showing the main features & benefits of the system including ease of assembly.

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