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Storage Challenges

An unorganised warehouse that does not function efficiently can lead to unsatisfied customers and lost potential revenue. Storing your stock using a reliable, trustworthy storage system plays a vital role in the success of your business.

With over 30 years experience our storage experts can help you transform your warehouse storage and design a specialised system to meet all your business requirements.

Our warehouse shelving is fully customisable and can include features such as steel & wire mesh partitioning, racking, canopies and more.

From heavy duty Unishelf Shelving to our unbeatable Pallet Racking, we have a wide range of warehouse shelving available to meet your needs. One of our experts will design the ideal layout for the space available and our team of experience fitter will install every aspect of it for you.

We also conduct a No Fee, No Obligation survey of your space before sending over an in-depth proposal, which includes a detailed CAD drawing of the solutions we can provide.

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Unishelf Warehouse Shelving

The Ultimate Solution for Manual Picking

  • Fully zinc coated steel components
  • A choice of larger shelving dimensions
  • High-grade structural steel – EN10204
  • Top groove allows pallet support bars
  • Easily adjustable on a 33mm pitch

Need a storage solution that can handle, crates, large boxes, cartons and other bulkier items? Then our fully customisable Unishelf Shelving System is for you.

With a higher weight bearing load than our Supershelf range, the fully galvanised Unishelf system has the same great benefits as Supershelf such as versatility, strength, great value and customisability. Delivered in pallet racking dimensions: up to 6,000mm high, 3,000 wide and 12,000mm deep taking a remarkable load capacity of 800kg UDL per shelf.

Additionally our Unishelf shelving system can be fully customisable with a whole set of accessories, including dividers, plastic bins, perforated panels and much, much more.

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Pallet Racking

For Unrivalled Storage Of Unit And Palletised Loads

  • Rapid on-site assembly
  • A strong connection between the arm and the upright frame
  • A wide range of available accessories
  • Top groove allows pallet support bars
  • Beam adjustability of 50mm

It is imperative to your business that the pallet wracking in your warehouse is secure and reliable. Not only does this ensure your stock is organised and easy to locate, it also keeps staff working in the warehouse safe. Here at Action Storage we have our own pallet racking system that delivers all these key features and more.

As market leading brand, our racking system is designed to meet all your storage needs. Strong connections between the beam and upright frame give the racking strength and stability whilst still giving adjustability so that the racking can be designed around your height requirements.

Our Pallet Racking can be customised with accessories such as shelf panels and pallet support bars. With frames up to 6,000mm in height, beams up to 3,500mm with load bearing up to 3,800kg UDL/PR, we can design the perfect racking system for your storage needs.

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