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Storage Challenges

Even as the world becomes more digital, there is still a need for businesses to supply customer documentation, legal files, patient information and other forms of documents. Storing these boxes or files in an organised manner is very much dependent on the space available and how it is utilised.

That’s why schools, hospitals, governments and other organisations worldwide have trusted us for over 30 years to find a storage solution that provides an efficient system.


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Storage Solutions

The Supershelf system is constructed from galvanized steel which makes it lightweight yet strong making it ideal for storing standard archive boxes. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit your storage space whilst making it easy to view box labels and remove the files when necessary.

Whichever size works for you, the Supershelf system is bolt-free and can be easily hand-adjusted to adapt to your changing needs.


You can also increase your storage capacity even further with Supershelf Mobile, the mobile shelving system that lets you maximise your space to keep even more stock on site.

Whatever your storage needs, having a system that works for you is a crucial aspect of giving your guests a positive experience. Discover more about our installation process and take advantage of our No Fee, No Obligation Survey and Transform Your Storage Today.


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