Panel Shelving: Retail Shop Display & Stockroom Shelving

Panel shelving is the most popular application of our Supershelf system, with our expert team able to find the perfect size and configuration to serve your unique storage needs. Each galvanised steel panel has strengthening ribs to ensure it’s strong enough to comfortably store heavy items while remaining lightweight – meaning reassembling when your storage requirements change should always be an easy process. With versatility at its core, the power of Supershelf can transform any storage space – from retail shop displays to busy stockrooms.

Action Storage Shelving

Lightweight yet heavy duty

Able to store items up to 500kg per shelf
Action Storage Shelving

Large-scale storage potential

The largest options in our Supershelf range
Action Storage Shelving

Compatible and configurable

Can be combined with our other systems

About panel shelving


Commonly found in retail stockrooms, warehouses and supply areas across the world, our Supershelf panel shelving units are, generally speaking, the ideal commercial solution to your storage challenges.

Every metal panel shelving system features a starter bay, with the ability to install multiple add-on bays to create rows of bespoke shelving configurations – reducing costs and making the most efficient possible use of your storage space. Better yet, its bolt-free assembly allows you to quickly dismantle and reassemble your shop shelving units should your requirements change.

To help you make the most of your shop or stockroom shelving, our panel shelving systems are available with 4-8 shelf levels, which can be easily hand-adjusted on 33mm pitches to suit the nature and quantity of the items you need to store. Considering the lightweight design of our panel shelves, you’ll be amazed to find that you can store between 150kg-500kg worth of items on each shelf – allowing you to get maximum value out of every inch of storage space.

Better yet, our panel shelving units can also be combined with our garment hanging rails and bin shelving solutions – so if you’re thinking of transforming storage in your retail store, stockroom or warehouse and want to understand the possibilities that come with Supershelf, start a conversation with us today by visiting our Contact page or requesting a custom quote.


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