The Optimised Hotel: Secrets to a Streamlined Guest Experience - Action Storage Shelving

The 23rd of July marks the official start date of British school children’s summer break which, for many in the hotel and leisure industry, means only one thing – the year’s busiest season has finally begun.

With just over a month to go, there’s never been a better time to start thinking about future-proofing your hotel for the peak seasons to come. In today’s post, we’re encouraging hotel owners, managers and interior designers everywhere to start thinking about how to ensure their hotel is as streamlined as possible. With our help, you can begin optimising the experiences of all guests in time for the busy summer season.

Organise your check-in and check-out area to go the extra mile

A common problem for many hoteliers and guests alike is having check-in and check-out times that don’t align with guests’ schedules. An easy solution to this universal issue? An efficient and easy-to-use area where guests can leave their possessions, regardless of their time of arrival and departure from the hotel’s premises.

With compact and durable shelving units located within practical walking (and wheeling) distance of the hotel’s front desk, staff members are able to effectively organise and store guest’s luggage and other large personal items in one area for a short period of time.

Not only are guests left content as their time and baggage becomes more manageable, but hotel staff are also able to coordinate a smooth check-out and check-in process without the fear of lost or overcrowded luggage.

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Clear your space for a solid first impression

Crucial to a guests’ experiences is the first impression they get from the hotel as they’re taken from the hotel reception desk to their rooms. This journey should be smooth and pleasant, with both staff members and guests being able to navigate their bags and families up to their room without encountering any problems along the way.

To ensure all guests are catered for, ramps, flat surfaces and lifts should be readily available and easy to operate, while stairs should be eliminated in key communal areas. This will allow wheelchair users and small children to move through the hotel easily and will make your hotel more desirable to other potential guests as a result of positive feedback.

Update your back-of-house area to improve your front-of-house service

Only those in the hotel industry really know how much goes on behind the scenes. From hourly-use cleaning supplies and a constant supply of clean bedding to a frequent dispatch of fresh food, making sure all of your back-of-house supplies are stored in an organised and logical way is fundamental to both the guests’ experience and staff members’ ability to implement best practices.

Whether you need large industrial shelving units to house towels or non-corrosive shelving systems that can withstand freezing temperatures to use for storing fridge food, organising and storing your supplies on catering and food processing shelving makes it easier for members of staff to find what they’re looking for, quickly – minimising the amount of time your guests are left waiting around.

Think outside the box when it comes to lobby optimisation

Your hotel’s lobby is the first thing your guests will see and, aside from their rooms, is often the area they’ll get to know the most. That’s why ensuring your lobby is both practical and attractive, with plenty of self-service utilities at your guests’ disposal ensures they feel attended to regardless of how busy staff members are.

Create an open plan lobby area with a twist. Add a small bar area within eyesight of your reception desk that allows your guests to gather and wait for friends and family without overcrowding your information desk around busy check-in and check-out times.

By including an interactive information stand with an easily accessible tablet, and nearby flyers for activities in the area, you can give your guests the ability to plan last-minute day trips without the hassle of waiting in long queues. Alternatively, make sure your lobby area is filled with plug sockets and phone charging units that allow your guests to stay connected for longer.

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Making maximum use of the space your hotel already has by installing shelving units to improve guest and staff experiences will see happy customers returning year after year. Start the process of optimising your space today by checking out our diverse range of shelving systems.

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