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The Importance of Stock in Retail Customer Experience

While many small business owners think that providing good customer service is the key to creating a memorable customer experience, for many customers, the key is in your stockroom. Having the products your customers want in stock and ready for them to take home is shown to be something customers want more than a friendly smile or a welcoming greeting when they enter your store. Could this be a result of the internet and how easy it is to order products and have them shipped right to your door, or could it be something else?

Today’s Consumers Want Their Products Sooner

Sure, ordering online is a great way to shop. You don’t even have to leave your home and you can get the very same products that you would find at your local retailer, oftentimes for less. But you have to wait for shipping, which in some cases, could be more than a week. Studies show that today’s consumers want their purchases now, not next week, not even in a couple of days. In fact, many consumers will pay extra at a smaller retail store to have a product that very day.

This goes to show you that having enough stock on hand to provide your customers with the service and experience they are looking for is important to your business and it could lead to increased sales, more repeat customers and an increase in profits. All of this just from having enough stock in your storeroom.

Shelving Solutions for Your Stock Room

But what if your store room isn’t big enough to accommodate the additional stock? This is where a quality shelving system comes in. When you organise your stock room and install storage solutions from Action Shelving, you will find that you can carry more than double the amount of stock you currently have on hand. The added stock will ensure that you can meet your customers’ needs and provide a memorable retail customer experience.

Action Storage provides retailers with a wide range of durable, innovative storage solutions that enable them to carry more stock on hand and be better prepared to meet and exceed the needs of your customers. Carry more stock, create a better customer experience and grow your business today by contacting Action Shelving now.

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Mobile Shelving Units: How Beneficial Are They?

Are you planning to attend trade fairs or exhibition shows to promote your business? Then you need not only the most suitable exhibition stands but the right type of storage facilities for putting your line of products on view. Shelving systems or racks which are constructed conventionally can help you to maximize the floor space that is readily available for use. But the downside is that the shelving racks can still take up a lot of space. When it comes to constructing and installing racks, especially the floor to ceiling kind, the spaces that need to be maintained between the shelves must be taken into consideration as well. This will make it easy for you and other users to navigate quickly and gain access to the shelves without any trouble. This is the major reason why you should choose mobile shelving racks or systems.

Mobile shelving systems are excellent shelving solutions together with wheels. They comprise more than a few shelves all connected to each other and grouped in such a way that it forms a compacted unit. Each separate shelf is compressed into a single storage unit to conserve space. You are free to set up a temporary passageway within them at any time as this will enable you to gain access to any of the items you have stowed away in any of the shelves. By making use of mobile shelving units, you have successfully done away with the need to install big, floor to ceiling shelves in your exhibition area or office. Moreover, you will have saved up to fifty percent of the overall space that would have been occupied with conventional shelving systems.

Mobile shelving systems are also very economical against the more expensive permanent shelves and cabinets which also gulp a lot of money for maintenance purposes. Mobile shelving units can be transported from one location to another and will effectively do away with the need to install floor to ceiling shelves in your exhibition ground or office. They can also accommodate a lot more products or goods than any other storage option.

Mobile storage components have advanced since they hit the market a short time ago and there are presently a wide variety of mobile shelving units nowadays. Nevertheless, if you plan to add these storage components to your exhibition arena or your office environment, then you must take careful steps when it comes to choosing the best ones. Not every one of these mobile shelving units is designed using the choicest elements. Since each one of these mobile shelving components is designed uniquely, you need to be very specific about your exact needs. You need to be particular as to why you need them as well as where you intend to install them.

Several organizations have emerged which construct, supply and install mobile shelving units of every shape and size. Do your best to verify the quality of these storage units before purchasing them. You can do this by going online and reading lots of customer reviews on their websites as the information provided by previous users or owners can help you in making informed buying decisions.

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Optimising Your Retail Store For Ultimate Efficiency

There’s no doubt about it – the world of retail is inherently fast-paced, requiring stores to achieve an exceptional level of efficiency to stay afloat in today’s economy – and, ultimately, survive. With a plethora of big-name retailers feeling the pinch in recent years – and many recording record losses – there’s continued pressure for high-street chains and independents alike to streamline their in-store operations or risk failure.

Today, we’re examining the key actions retailers can take to accelerate their store’s efficiency.

Make use of new technology

For retailers with a physical presence, technology has come on leaps and bounds in recent years in terms of the benefits it offers. If you’re not innovating the way your store uses technology, there’s every chance that you’re missing out on opportunities to both save and make money. One of the most widespread examples of this is the self-service checkout, which is a common sight in the UK, Europe and, increasingly, the US – cutting costs and giving consumers greater choice simultaneously.

Whether you’re using mobile POS systems to take pressure away from the checkout counters, leading your digital transformation efforts using multi-channel demographics data or even trialling AI as a way to cut labour costs, to stay relevant in the 21st century, it’s crucial that your in-store technology is evolving with the times.

Update your stockroom

Despite the fact that it plays a crucial role in day-to-day operations, a brick-and-mortar store’s stockroom is easily neglected in favour of more glamorous, high-profile retail exploits like online marketing, front-of-house sales staff and merchandising – but that’s a costly mistake for a retailer to make, whether you’re a huge multinational or a local startup. Stockroom shelving, inventory management and even details like labelling and stock colour coordination can greatly improve a stockroom’s efficiency – and, therefore, customer-facing operations, too.

With an effective stock replenishment system in place using optimised storage shelves, customers won’t be left disappointed when it comes to their shopping experience due to out-of-stock goods. It also reduces the time taken by floor staff to locate goods, saving time and money.

Harness your online insights

In this day and age, it’s rare for physical retailers to not have some sort of presence online – and because vast amounts of data are acquired from users interacting with your websites and social platforms, you’ll be amassing a powerful tool you may not even realise you have. Analysing what your customers look at, what they buy, where they come from and what their interests are can help to inform part of a wider physical strategy that looks to capitalise on existing digital insights – which is a powerful strategy indeed.

A truly streamlined in-store operation will take into account what its online audience is doing – for example, prioritising certain products for POS displays and shelves as a result of sales online, promoting certain offers across multiple channels to boost your marketing efforts or even redesigning your layout.

Try different shelving and display strategies

When it comes to shelving, you’d be forgiven for assuming there’s a one-size-fits-all solution. In truth, this simply isn’t true. What you’re selling will play an important role in how your store (and the products within) are laid out, so consider the best way to plan out the available floor and shelf space. For example, a luxury store selling a small but refined range will avoid cluttering their products – as this can make things appear cheaper. On the other hand, a supermarket will often use a straightforward vertical floor plan in order to stock large volumes of goods efficiently.

Whether you use an angular floor plan to display your products in a unique way, a diagonal floor plan for increased visibility or even a mixed plan to accommodate a wide range of stock, consider how yours can balance practicality and aesthetics. Read more about the different types of floor plans.

Of course, an important cornerstone in any retail operation is the use of optimised shelving solutions, both at the back and the front of the store. Our shelving specialists have supported a huge variety of businesses to improve their retail store, offering free site surveys to help us understand the needs of our customers and come up with bespoke solutions that work.

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Thought Space: The Never-Ending Search for Perfect Customer Experience

It’s easy to say that the customer comes first,

but not if you keep them waiting

Last time I did a search there was 1,890,000,000 results for the term “Customer Experience” that’s a lot of opinions on the matter. How our customers interact with your company can often be the only deciding factor on whether they do business with you or your competitor. Even if you have the superior product, if you took too long to provide it (or worse couldn’t provide it!) then your potential customer becomes a lost opportunity. There are, of course, solutions to these problems.

Everyone is aware of the issues on the high street, but there are stores that are continually earning success. The ones that are providing an unbeatable customer experience. Shoe Stores are a perfect example of providing customer experience. The interaction between the staff and customer to find the right item for them, moving back and forth with different sizes and styles shows the devotion they make to the customer. The special events for the launches of Yeezy and other high demand products are also a great tool in generating excitement in visiting their stores.

Though customer experience is not just tied to retail stores, for it is also the most vital aspect of the hospitality industry. From providing guests with pleasant stays at hotels to delivering an unforgettable experience at the theatre, customer experience plays a vital part for these businesses. Every quiet moment is used to restock and resupply items to minimize the time guests must wait to receive the experience they are after. No one wants to wait too long for their popcorn.

The success of the perfect customer experience is based on how well your team can perform their roles and as a manager, you’ll be aiming to remove all the obstacles that might cause issues. One obstacle that Action Shelving can help with is having a storage system that works for you.

Why does that make a difference? Well with a better, more effective storage system, you can keep more items on-site to prevent any customers from leaving disappointed. Additionally, having it designed for individual locations means that items can be easily located, stock can be easily counted and your team can easily access what they need creating a seamless flow and minimising the waiting time for your customers.

Our Supershelf Shelving System is perfectly designed to suit the different needs of stock rooms in shops, cinemas, hotels, restaurants and many more due to its ability to be adjusted to suit the needs of your business.

If you want to improve your storage capabilities and help keep your customers from unnecessary wait times, contact us by either calling 01908 525 700 or completing this form.


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