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Michael Kors

Michael Kors opted for both static shelving and our mobile shelving system to increase their storage space by up to 95%.

As a store that sells a variety of products, they needed both garment hanging rails and panel shelving.

We installed mobile shelving operated by hand wheels to make easy work of heavy loads. To make things even easier our mobile shelving system is completely modular and requires no floor or wall fixings.

The store was thrilled with their new storage system and can now hold twice as much stock on their static and mobile shelving.

Mushroom Farm – Ely

Mushroom Farm in Ely had a variety of different equipment and supplies that they needed to store so the adjustable Supershelf Shelving System was perfect for their needs.

Storing a combination of garments, boxes and large bulky items meant that they need a storage system with easy accessibility whilst being strong enough to take heavy loads.

After installing the shelving, Mushroom Farm now had a supply room that worked for them that meant items were easy to find, take and store.

Footlocker – Rivoli

Footlocker has trusted Action Storage with their stock room needs for over 15 years and we have installed our Supershelf shelving system in stores around the world.

Each store stocks hundreds of shoe boxes so an effective storage system is imperative. We recently installed Supershelf shelving throughout the stockroom of Footlockers Rivoli, Paris store. Previously boxes had been piled one on top of another, creating a safety risk as well as making it difficult for staff to access.

Supershelf provided safe, easy to use storage, transforming Footlockers stockroom and increasing their storage capabilities.

Aberdeen Diocesan Library

Aberdeen Diocesan Library were moving their archive of antique books, papers and other items to a new location that needed shelving. Action Storage drew up plans that would maximise the storage space with a combination of Supershelf and Technic shelving.

Action Storage’s in-house installation team were on location to ensure the products were installed safely and securely.

The shelving’s smart appearance complimented both the modern refurbishments and the antiquarian collections.

Contact with Action Storage was excellent as they reassured a positive outcome with the very smooth installation that overcome all obstacles to finish on time” -Stuart Donald, Keeper

Cineworld – Watford

The British Cinema Chain, Cineworld, have trusted Action Storage for years now as they open new locations. For instance, the one in Watford required a better way of storing their materials such as film posters, food stock and cleaning products.

Supershelf Shelving Systems were installed in the different storerooms and were adjusted to be the ideal height for Cineworld to keep more of their stock on site at any time and always provide customers with their snack of choice.

After clearly seeing the power of Supershelf, Action Storage is Cineworld’s first choice for storage solutions as they continue their nationwide expansion.

YSL – Sloane Street

The Yves Saint Laurent outlet on Sloane Street was looking to increase the amount of stock that they could store onsite and opted for the Supershelf Mobile solution.

With different types of stock to store both panel shelving and garment hanging rails were installed with changes easily made on the day of installation by the manager thanks to the adjustable nature of Supershelf.

Having completed a survey beforehand, Action Storage was well prepared to accommodate to some challenges in the storeroom, such as a low hanging pipe that limited the height of some sections.

The customer was more than happy with the new Supershelf Mobile solution and would soon be filling the shelves and rails with the latest apparel.

Aston Martin

The renowned Aston Martin Lagonda Heritage wanted to make changes to their parts storage unit and opted for Supershelf for its durability and adaptability to different products.

Storing a combination of small parts and wheels, the Supershelf shelving was installed with several levels that were the exact length to suit the small part containers whilst still giving the staff easy access. The wheels could be perfectly stored on the beams with clear visibility and easy access being the primary focus.

Supershelf was perfectly suited to meet Aston Martin’s needs and the Action Storage team didn’t mind a closeup look of their classic cars!

Budget Greeting Cards

The supplier Budget Greeting Cards Ltd. (BGC) was constructing a new warehouse to store their variety of stock supplies and the Supershelf Shelving System provided the ultimate solution for them.

With a variety of different product sizes and weights that needed to be stored, the Supershelf could be adjusted to suit the sizes whilst still maintaining the strength to store the heavier items.

It also worked with BGC’s signage system making it easy for their staff to navigate the aisles and locate the item they are searching for. BGC was more than impressed with the work and will be strongly considering Action Storage for future projects.

City Electrical Factors

City Electrical Factors (CEF) wanted to maximise their stock for a new branch in London’s West End and Action Storage had the ideal solution for them. Product storage is a crucial part of CEF’s success and was already utilising the Supershelf system.

The new branch would be upgraded to the Mobile Supershelf system. After going mobile, CEF could keep more stock on site than ever before.

Needless to say, they were more than happy with their new system: “The new shelving allows us to keep several product lines in a good working space. This exceptional stock holding will help us improve turnover and achieve high levels of customer service.” – Jeremy Saunders

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