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The Importance of Stock in Retail Customer Experience

While many small business owners think that providing good customer service is the key to creating a memorable customer experience, for many customers, the key is in your stockroom. Having the products your customers want in stock and ready for them to take home is shown to be something customers want more than a friendly smile or a welcoming greeting when they enter your store. Could this be a result of the internet and how easy it is to order products and have them shipped right to your door, or could it be something else?

Today’s Consumers Want Their Products Sooner

Sure, ordering online is a great way to shop. You don’t even have to leave your home and you can get the very same products that you would find at your local retailer, oftentimes for less. But you have to wait for shipping, which in some cases, could be more than a week. Studies show that today’s consumers want their purchases now, not next week, not even in a couple of days. In fact, many consumers will pay extra at a smaller retail store to have a product that very day.

This goes to show you that having enough stock on hand to provide your customers with the service and experience they are looking for is important to your business and it could lead to increased sales, more repeat customers and an increase in profits. All of this just from having enough stock in your storeroom.

Shelving Solutions for Your Stock Room

But what if your store room isn’t big enough to accommodate the additional stock? This is where a quality shelving system comes in. When you organise your stock room and install storage solutions from Action Shelving, you will find that you can carry more than double the amount of stock you currently have on hand. The added stock will ensure that you can meet your customers’ needs and provide a memorable retail customer experience.

Action Storage provides retailers with a wide range of durable, innovative storage solutions that enable them to carry more stock on hand and be better prepared to meet and exceed the needs of your customers. Carry more stock, create a better customer experience and grow your business today by contacting Action Shelving now.

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